Signature Sports Flooring specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and installing floors for all your sports flooring applications, including weight rooms, locker rooms, aerobic rooms, gymnasiums, common areas, and multi-purpose facilities. What distinguishes us is our extensive product line, nationwide capabilities and the commitment we demonstrate to our clients. Our wide selection of synthetic sports surfaces is made to maximize athletic performance and to meet industry standards while using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. Products SignaFlor Pad and Pour Flooring SignaFlex Rolled Vinyl Flooring SignaFlex Aqua Wet Area Flooring RubberDeck Superior Rubber Flooring SignaDeck Premier Rubber Flooring TempoTile Modular Flooring We are able to conduct on-site surveys and moisture tests, if required, to determine the best suited floor for your facility and to guarantee the durability and longevity of your floor for years to come. Most importantly, our expert team of sports flooring specialists will install your floor with all the care and attention you and your facility deserve. You, the customer, are our top priority and with our wide selection of products and services, Signature Sports Flooring is your one source for all your sports surfacing needs.


  • SignaFlor

    Are you looking for hardwood gymnasium floors but don't have the budget to afford one? SignaFlor is a low-maintenance pad and pour athletic floor surface that is seamless, durable, and highly shock absorbent to reduce the risk of injury to athletes, making it an excellent alternative to hardwood floors for gymansiums. SignaFlor makes a great surface for multi-purpose rooms, weight room floors, indoor running track surfaces, gym floors, aerobics room flooring & locker room floors. This pad and pour floor's ability to be modified to your optimum coefficient of friction makes it very versatile, and it's shock absorbency & seamless uniformity makes it the ideal surface when wanting to build a safe environment. When comparing pad and pour floors vs, hardwood gym floors, there are many clear benefits and advantages that this seamless floor offers.

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  • SignaFlex

    SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring presents the appearance of real wood, with a few added features not present with traditional hardwood gym floors. The polyurethane coating resists dirt build-up and contains an anti-bacterial agent while providing optimal slip resistance. This cost effective flooring does not compromise shock absorption, vertical deformation, or coefficient of friction. Available in a variety of simulated wood finishes and lightly textured vibrant colors, this is an ideal aerobics floor.

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  • SignaWood

    SignaWood hardwood sports flooring provides the perfect surface for activities like aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and dance. This beautiful real beech hardwood floor installs faster and cleaner than traditional maple flooring and lasts longer. The best part is that all of our hardwood is harvested and milled using the kindest and most efficient environmental practices.

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