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  • Support for Innovative Hardware Solutions

    Bring customers a future-ready payment experience: Cardknox is compatible with a wide variety of wireless payment terminals that accept the latest payment types both in-store and on-the-go. Plus, our quick integrations with numerous POS systems will be sure to supercharge business management capabilities.

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/supported-emv-equipment

  • E-Commerce and Online Payments

    With our many plugins for popular shopping carts and customizable online forms, it’s easy to process secure payments online and set up special campaigns.

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/integrations/ecommerce

  • Recurring Payments

    Schedule recurring payments for any time frame and frequency, and Cardknox will automatically charge the recurring payments at the set time. Cardknox’s recurring payments are secured with advanced encryption technology that stores card data in a token form so that it can’t be exposed.

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/blog/recurring-billing-made-easy-...

  • Account Updater Tool

    No more declined cards—our card updater tool automatically detects and updates any expired or inactive cards to ensure that subsequent transactions are approved.

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/blog/increase-success-rates-recur...

  • Robust Security

    Online fraud prevention, PCI validated point-to-point encryption, and a quick path to PCI compliance.

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/blog/maximize-security-validated-...

  • Overnight Funding

    Get funding faster with overnight funding (including Amex transactions).

    More Information » www.cardknox.com/merchants

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  • Mark Paley
    Mark Paley

    Director of Partner Sales
    Cardknox Development, Inc
    Lakewood, New Jersey

  • Barbara Hasher
    Barbara Hasher

    Sales Coordinator
    Cardknox Development, Inc
    Lakewood, New Jersey