We transform reclaimed materials into performance surfaces that make people's lives better.


Ecore Athletic believes that a floor is more than just a passive surface. It must work with the human body to provide support and sustain the ability for individuals to do what the love – longer. Flooring should go beyond your expectations; it should benefit those who interact with it. At Ecore, we engineer performance well beyond industry standards and, through technology and innovation, are driven to provide solutions for challenges that real people face every day. Our goal is to not just provide flooring, but to provide flooring solutions that improve the lives of people across every segment of the population in every life.


  • Basic Rolls & Tiles

    Basic Rolls and Tiles are the "orginial" composition rubber fitness floor. Available in rolls and tiles, this durable surface sets the standard for performance, quality, and affordability. 

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  • UltraTile

    UltraTile is designed with patented "ultra" high-density wear layer on a molded base. This 24-by-24-inch modular tile offers enhanced shock absorpotion against impact in moderate to extreme weight drop applications.

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Everlast/UltraTile

  • SmashTile

    The 2-foot by 2-foot by 2.5 inch molded tile is designed for areas where extreme durability and ultimate sound and shock absorption are required. SmashTile mitigates the shock and sound resulting from large weight being released onto its surface by absorbing impact. SmashTile is the perfect complement to platform style weight lifting. 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Everlast/SmashTile

  • Motivate

    Tailored for light strength and conditioning, this 7.5mm surface combines an Ecore wear layer with a 5mm base layer. The result: a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy restitution, designed for the shift in fitness from equipment to more functional training. 

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  • Rally

    Tailored for heavy conditioning, this 14.5mm product showcases a synamic force reduction of 35.40%. This dual durometer system is engineered to absorb the impact force related to aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in concert with the body. 

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  • Beast

    Designed for heavy strength training, this 10.5mm system features an angry base layer that maximizes energy retitution. This dual durometer system is engineered to enhance durability in applications dominated by free weight training. 

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  • Monster

    Custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, this 22.5mm system features a 10.5mm Performance Beast roll field united to a 12mm ShockPad. The resulting triple durometer system combines the durability and firm footing desired in strength training with ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training in one surface. 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Stacked/Performance...

  • Speed & Agility Turf

    This turf features an extremely dense, textured, nylon wear layer fusion-bonded to a 5mm or 12mm base layer. This consistent, tight surface is ideal for footwork drills and sled work.

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Stacked/Speed-Agili...

  • Roster

    Roster features a unique non-woven surface that is fusion-bonded to a 5mm base layer and is offered in an interlocking format. This product is ideal for entryways or transition areas. 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Elevate/Roster

  • Bounce 2

    Bounce 2 features a synthetic wood-grain surface that is fusion-bonded to a 5mm base layer. The result is beautiful flooring that looks like real wood, but is more economical, durable, and easier to clean 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Elevate/Bounce-2

  • Spectator

    Spectator is a 2.5mm luxury tile in high-end wood and texture visuals. These planks and tiles are suited for heavy commeical areas within your facility.

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Elevate/Spectator

  • Frictional

    Frictional is a 2mm vinyl safety flooring with an enhanced coefficient of friction to prevent falls in traffic areas where slipping may occur. 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Elevate/Frictional

  • Aqueous

    This 2mm vinyl safety flooring is engineered with slip-resistant particles and a raised emboss for added slip resistance. Offered in 6-foot, 7-inch wide rolls with heat welded seams.

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Elevate/Frictional

  • RecSport Turf Installed Outdoor

    RecSport Turf has the beautiful natural grass but with little maintenance and world-class toughness. The system features a polyethylene fiber tufted into a backing paired with a composition rubber base layer. The resilient base layer provides great shock absorption and the turf layer requires no infill. 

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Surface-America/Rec...

  • EverTop Outdoor Poured-in-Place System

    EverTop is a half-inch, wet poured, one-layer, troweled-on-site system featuring polyurethane. This surface is specifically designed for outdoor multipurpose areas.

    More Information » www.ecoreathletic.com/Products/Surface-America/Eve...

  • ElastoFloor

    ElastoFloor Roll-Pour system is engineered specifically for use as an indoor basketball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball, squash, multi-sport court or track. This seamless surface consists of three layers of poured urethane over a prefabricated and fully adhered composition rubber base layer. 

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