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  • IMID Access

    A secure biometric access solution that is non-invasive, fast and accurate. 

    • Identifies users at a distance and in motion using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology, including face recognition
    • Easily integrates with many existing security infrastructures and databases in a variety of physical settings
    • Allows users to self-enroll in the system, and the enhanced feedback system provides user control over secure access experience

    More Information » fstbm.com/products/imid-access

  • IMID Mobile

    IMID Mobile accurately identifies a person and efficiently provides supplemental information about the person who was identified.

    • Runs on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Android mobile phone
    • Can present variety of information relevant to specific use case
    • Can be connected to other IMID Access devices and be part of large-scale IMID Access deployment 


    More Information » fstbm.com/products/imid-mobile

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  • Beth Calabrese

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    FST Biometrics
    New York, New York