Fitness Flooring is your total solution to sports flooring for every area of your facility. Whether it be the popular Exterra group-exercise flooring, our unique Zenterra bamboo fitness flooring, quality Duraflex rubber flooring, or a host of other products designed specifically for use in fitness, we’ve got a surface that will fit your needs. We’ve been serving the industry for over thirty years and have installations in thousands of facilities acrossNorth America. All of our products have been rigorously tested and are warranted so you can be assured that they will perform for years to come.


  • Exterra Classic

    Exterra’s system is unique because each board in the floor reacts independently of every other. The boards are held together with Silver Springs, which allows the boards to individually flex upon impact. This impact is then absorbed by the shock absorbing pad below the wood surface. The system assures that each individual on the floor will receive proper shock absorption, regardless of their weight class or level of impact.

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    Exterra Classic
  • DuraFLEX

    DuraFLEX has a look and feel that is truly unique. The result of over 15 years of formulation and design modification, DuraFLEX is a product that will exceed your customers expectations in comfort, durability and visual appeal. Set your facility apart with the innovative look and feel offered only in the DuraFLEX Series of Premium Fitness Flooring.

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  • Zenterra Bamboo

    That’s right…Zenterra flooring is designed with the fitness athlete in mind. Not a modified bamboo commercial flooring – a total flooring system that is durable, quiet, hygienic and safe for class participants.But most importantly, it’s made from the most renewable material available for fitness flooring. While most sports and fitness floors are made from maple trees that take 50-60 years to grow. the species of bamboo that is used for Zenterra regrows to its full height within months and can be used again for flooring boards in just 5-6 years!

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    Zenterra Bamboo
  • Flecks Rubber Flooring

    Flecks is our popular speckled rubber flooring that is available in rolls, square tiles or interlocking tiles. They have become the most favored style of rubber flooring because they are easy to install, hide dirt well, and have a virtually seamless appearance. Also, if Flecks is installed using a carpet tape or in the loose-lay method, they can be flipped over, doubling the wear life of the flooring. They are available in either 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ thicknesses, with color flecks from 10% to 35%, and higher percentages available by special order. All of the Flecks products carry a five-year warranty.

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    Flecks Rubber Flooring


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