Our commitment to serve the health and fitness industry began over twenty years ago with creation of the first wireless entertainment system. Today, MYE, Inc. is the industry’s largest provider of Wireless TV Audio Receivers and Digital TVs. MYE leadership continues with the introduction of our integrated products, the AppAudio smartphone system, WorkoutScan exercise tracker and the CardioCare wireless machine monitoring system. Advanced product design makes MYE technology the choice of major cardio equipment brands including Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Nautilus, Octane, Precor, SportsArt, Star Trac, Stairmaster and Technogym developing integrated Digital TVs, wireless audio and mobile applications. MYE innovation involves a high level of embedded software engineering and backend system application development to produce seamless products and services.


  • MYE AppAudio® Smartphone TV Audio System


    A simple, free AppAudio download from iTunes or Google Play enables members to enjoy audio on Apple or Android devices from television monitors throughout the club. Boost sales with the free MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing platform to upload and manage promotional banners, special offers, class schedules and more. Manage one location or multiple locations simultaneously. The AppAudio Smartphone app is integrated in leading club mobile apps including Netpulse, Virtuagym, MobileFiT, Gold’s Gym and Planet Fitness.

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    MYE AppAudio® Smartphone TV Audio Syste...
  • MYE TV Audio Receivers and Transmitters


    The commercial fitness industries #1 selling club TV audio receiver, MYE Cardio Theater style Eclipse TV Audio Receivers attach to any cardio machine to provide clear audio from any ceiling or wall-mounted TV. Members simply select the TV channel and enjoy audio from their favorite programs. Combined 900/800 MHz receivers work worldwide. MYE TV Audio Transmitters deliver exceptional value with digital audio input, energy-saving channel selectors, and compatibility with all TV audio receivers.

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    MYE TV Audio Receivers and Transmitters
  • MYE Cardio Machine TVs


    MYE offers commercial and consumer grade cardio machine TVs. MYE Commercial Grade Cardio Machine TVs feature a high-definition, energy-saving viewing experience with built-in keypad, headphone jack replacement-alert LED signals need for jack replacement and optional CableSAT wireless channel changer. Covered by a three-year warranty, MYE commercial-grade TV technology is featured in TV monitors marketed by leading fitness equipment manufacturers. MYE Consumer Grade Cardio Machine TVs are affordable replacements for BroadcastVision, Cardio Theater, CardioVision and other TVs.

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    MYE Cardio Machine TVs
  • MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer


    For basic programming at health clubs, cable companies often require a cable box for each cardio machine. The MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer is the first solution for commercial fitness that facilitates channel changes on any cable or satellite box up to 1000 feet away. Patent-pending MYE design combines RF and IR technology for highest quality wireless transmission without interruption and is authorized by leading fitness manufacturers. CableSAT is available for existing cardio machine embedded and standard TVs or as a built-in option on new Matrix, Star Trac and MYE 15.6 TVs.

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    MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer
  • MYE Digital Signage


    Connect with members and grow revenue with the power of MYE Digital Signage.  This dynamic promotional platform features simple TV set up and easy-to-manage MYE online portal to target membership sales promotions in exciting new ways. Choose quick-start drag and drop design templates and content – or custom designs – all compatible with the MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing platform. Plug and play hardware is compatible with any TV and includes everything needed for a world-class signage solution.

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    MYE Digital Signage
  • MYE CardioCare Online Machine Management


    Manage all club cardio equipment on one convenient wireless platform with 24/7 online access. The MYE CardioCare Machine Management System provides utilization and diagnostic data for every make and model of cardio machine in the club. The exclusive cloud-based CardioCare system seamlessly aggregates all equipment information using patented and patent-pending technology that automatically captures data and stores it in the MYE secure datacenter. Instant service-alerts improve equipment efficiency, reducing downtime and member complaints.

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    MYE CardioCare Online Machine Management
  • MYE WorkoutScan Exercise Tracking


    The MYE WorkoutScan system provides the only 100% reliable method of transferring cardio machine workout data from any smartphone or tablet to any 3rd party mobile tracking app. Exercisers use a variety of mobile tracking applications. Compatible with any cardio machine with an active C-Safe port, the WorkoutScan system frees club members from hassling with unreliable Bluetooth, or other wireless smartphone pairings, to track their cardio workouts.

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    MYE WorkoutScan Exercise Tracking
  • Cardio Machine Built-In TV Audio Receivers


    No more Cardio Theater boxes are required. Listen to club TVs direct from cardio machines. MYE TV Audio Receivers are featured built into leading cardio machine consoles including Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Octane Fitness, SportsArt and Star Trac. Exercisers plug in headphones, select TV channel on the console and enjoy.? Compatible with MYE, Cardio Theater and other brand TV transmitters. Have your equipment rep add MYE built-in wireless receivers on your next order.

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    Cardio Machine Built-In TV Audio Receive...
  • MYE Touch Screen TV Featuring ClubCom™ Interactive Media


    The MYE Touch Screen featuring ClubCom Interactive Media TV creates an unprecedented opportunity for promoting club products, services and membership campaigns. Using a 15.6” MYE Touch Screen TV, ClubCom Interactive Media features one of the world’s largest music video libraries, tailored specifically for health club audiences and complemented by education, information and marketing programs that club operators may customize for their membership.

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    MYE Touch Screen TV Featuring ClubCom™...
  • MYE Group X Smartphone Audio System


    The MYE Group X Smartphone System allows members to listen to group or virtual classes on their Apple or Android smartphones providing a convenient solution for clubs without enclosed rooms. Members download the free AppAudio app from iTunes or Google Play stores then listen to music and voice instructions. Compact and portable with built-in Wi-Fi design, the MYE Group X Smartphone System easily connects to group-X sound mixers or virtual class players.

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    MYE Group X Smartphone Audio System
  • MYE Pro:Idiom Hospitality Cardio TV


    New MYE Pro:Idiom 15.6 High Definition TV decrypts protected hotel system channels including LodgeNet and Word Cinema. The authorized Pro:Idiom chip inside MYE TVs makes protected guest room channels available in the hotel fitness facility.

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    MYE Pro:Idiom Hospitality Cardio TV
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