Mondo is the global leader in the track and field, indoor sport and contract flooring markets, manufacturing flooring surfaces for virtually every application. More than 1,100 Mondo tracks and millions of square feet of the company’s high-performance athletic surfaces are installed worldwide.

An official supplier of athletic tracks for the past 11 Olympic Games and the competition surface since the 1992 Barcelona Games, Mondo also is the official supplier or sponsor of more than 100 sports federations and associations. More than 260 world records have been set on tracks made by Mondo.

A family-owned business since its founding in 1948, the company sells its products in more than 196 countries through Mondo-owned manufacturing companies in Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and China.


  • Mondo Sports Turf

    Mondo Sports Turf - Years of research and testing in collaboration with the major international biomechanics and ergonomics centers have enabled Mondo R&D laboratories to create the innovative FTS3 system, consisting of cutting-edge fibers, Ecofill Star infill granules and Fine Tuned panels. All components are designed and manufactured in our Mondotufting facilities, to control and supervise all production phases.  Only in this way can the Mondoturf systems ensure maximum sports performance and the same playability of artificial turf to athletes.

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    Mondo  Sports Turf
  • Advance

    The most durable and high performance gymnasium and multipurpose resilient surface in the industry.  Advance Vulcanized  available in 8mm and 10mm s designed for greater shock absorption, ideal for high impact sports like basketball and volleyball.

    Advance is available in 6mm and 8mm which is ideal for yoga studios and multipurpose rooms.

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  • Ramflex

    Versatile rubber flooring engineered for weight resistance, cardio and the staple surface for fitness.  Withstands static loads such as heavy weights and cardio equipment in fitness centers

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  • Sport Impact

    For the most demanding areas, Sport Impact is a premium weight resistant rubber flooring with unsurpassed resistance to abrasions, tears and impacts.

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    Sport Impact
  • MondoArmor

    Weight-resistant 18mm rubber flooring has triple durometer vulcanized construction that resists impact, cutting and ripping. It has a patented hexagonal backing which provides the perfect blend of comfort and foot stability for all types of strength training.

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  • Training Turf

    Designed for  outstanding sleds resistance with a smooth/soft yarn which provides comfort for mobility/stability/core workouts and any activity where your skin touches the turf.

    More Information » www.mondofitnessathletic.com/training_turf.cfm

    Training Turf
  • Mondo Functional Training Module

    Four sport surfaces in one module designed to improve member performance.  The 30’x30’ module designed to improve your
    customers’ workouts. Comprised of four different surfaces, Mondo Functional can turn an open space into a highly specialized training area.

    More Information » www.mondofitnessathletic.com/index.cfm#areas

    Mondo Functional Training Module
  • MondoRun

    MondoRun with Nike Grind is designed to provide ultimate traction and slip resistance, increasing both safety and performance. Combining Mondo’s renowned Super X Performance track with Nike Grind.  MondoRun with Nike Grind is ideal for both light training and recreational use.

    More Information » www.mondotrackusa.com/MODORUN_with_Nike_Grind_.cfm...

  • Ramflex Interlock

    The strength and proven experience of Mondo’s Ramflex high performance cardio/fitness product now available in an interlocking tile.  The ideal solution for renovation or high moisture applications. Quick and Easy Installation: no adhesives required.

    More Information » www.mondofitnessathletic.com/ramflex_interlock.cfm

    Ramflex Interlock


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