MyoBuddy Massager


MyoBuddy Massager

Developed by MyoBuddy Products, the MyoBuddy PRO Massager's® therapeutic action is similar to well known chiropractic and physical therapy devices, yet affordable for the home shopper.

Used by heroes in the fitness and wellness industries to treat sore muscles and reduce the risk of injury, MyoBuddy Massagers also live in the living rooms of regular everyday folks, plugged in next to the couch and always on call!

Treat your own pain, tension, circulatory system and nervous system while feeling AMAZING!

Providing wellness in seconds, MyoBuddy PRO offers a full-body massage and features all types of massages including relaxation, trigger point, deep tissue, recovery, sports, circulatory, friction, percussion, mobility, lotion, essential oils, pre/post exercise, and dry brushing.


Web Site: www.myobuddy.com