Concept2 got its start in 1976 in the back of a bread truck when Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, fresh from Olympic training, started making composite racing oars, now the oar of choice among the world's rowers. They went on to create the Concept2 Indoor Rower, now used worldwide by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients and every caliber of rower in between who have discovered that rowing is the best low-impact, full-body workout available! It’s this full-body muscle involvement that makes rowing a great calorie burner and helps users develop flexibility and strength. Rowing is impact-free, and the intensity is completely user-controlled. It offers superb cardiovascular exercise that is suitable for all ages.Model E Indoor Rower features:PM5 Performance Monitor is standard on all Model E Indoor Rowers and makes rowing more fun with games, wireless heart rate monitoring and racing capabilities.20-inch high frame height positions users at a comfortable seat height.One-piece leg design offers stability and a solid feel.Fully enclosed chain housing keeps the chain cleaner.*High gloss, powder-coated frame. Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents.Long monitor arm makes it easy to reach the PM5.PLUS these features, which are also offered by the Model D Indoor Rower:Nickel-plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look.Flywheel design minimizes noise while providing the smooth feel of rowing on the water.Spiral damper controls airflow to the flywheel allowing users to choose the feel of a sleek, fast boat or a slow, heavy boat.Ergonomic handle allows for natural arm and hand position.Aluminum rail capped with a stainless-steel track for smooth movement of the seat.Flexfoot footrests adjust for quick and easy sizing.Separates easily into two parts for transport and storage.Easy assembly. Tools and illustrated instructions included.Caster wheels make it mobile.

Web Site: www.Concept2.com