WHAT SEPARATES ALLSTATE CAPITAL?  WE UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER! With over 100 years combined industry experience, we understand the infrastructure of Non-Profits, For Profits, Municipal customers, Franchises, Schools and more. We understand cash flow and match customer needs to the best financial products. Allstate Capital has one of the highest approval ratios in the industry, period. We have over 20 lines of credit, all tailored for specific price points, credit profiles, equipment types and equipment cost. There is no one-size-fits all single credit line that exists anywhere.  Allstate Capital has stitched together the ultimate overall credit facility anywhere in the U.S. to meet the demands and needs of all customer types from new businesses, municipalities, expansions, HOA’s, large corporations, small & mid sized businesses, sole proprietorships, challenged credit through investment grade customers. We SPECIALIZE in fitness equipment leasing and financing. We understand the useful life of a piece of cardio vs strength equipment, warranties, and the various uses of the equipment. So whether you are planning to keep the equipment forever or return it after 3 years when the warranty has run out and wear may be an issue, we have the proper financial product for you.We have YOU covered! If we can’t get you approved… no one can!

Why John Papadopoulos? I know the fitness industry! My career began with a BS in Exercise Physiology in 1996, followed by 10 years as Personal Trainer and Fitness Center Manager in south Florida… which led me to the finance side of the fitness world where I have been for the last 12 years. I know the equipment, the clientele, and the cash flow of a fitness center. I look forward to your questions and finding solutions. John Papadopoulos Toll Free: 800-949-0018 x 202