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AV Now Fitness Sound

AV Now Fitness Sound is your one stop solution for Fitness Sound. Group Ex Sound Systems, Sweat-proof Wireless Mics, Waterproof Mics/Aqua-aerobic Sound Systems,  All-In-One Portable Sound and Full Club Zone Sound.

We offer sweat-proof replacement headsets for all major wireless brands, accessories, all types of audio components including media players, powered and passive speakers, subwoofers and the latest in cardio entertainment systems. Free Sound Sdvice & Sound System Design. Lifetime Technical Support is included with everything we sell. We speak 'Fitness.' 

AV Now Fitness Sound supplies and supports fitness-rated sound gear in thousands of health clubs every day across the US - from boutique clubs to the nation’s largest fitness chains, franchises and instructor programs. Also: the US Military, schools/educational facilities at all levels and wellness centers. 

We specialize in handling the day to day gear needs of Individual Fitness Instructors including all brands of fitness-rated wireless microphone systems and accessories. Everything we carry is offered because it's been proven to withstand the unique demands of the rugged group ex fitness environment.


Web Site: www.avnow.com