AVID Fitness is a leader in disposable and reusable headsets specifically designed for the trainee. Manufacturing since 1962, AVID currently supplies many luxury hotel fitness centers, spas, independently owned gyms and corporate health club chains. Specializing in custom designs as well as quality, owners and staff find our line of electronic headsets to be a valuable tool to complete their fitness entertainment needs. Facilities use them either as a complimentary service to members or as a way to increase profits through re-sale. While some facilities treat these items as disposable products, others choose to purchase replaceable ear pads for re-use and safe hygiene. Our budget-friendly, durable headsets comply with most audio entertainment equipment! Now that entertainment is a staple in fitness, our headphones help facilities stay sanitary and supply patrons with an escape during their workout. AVID is also providing facilities with reasonable-cost, high-quality amenities such as water bottles, fitness towels and more. We offer competitive pricing, same day shipping, and samples are available upon request.




  • Rachel Haynes

    Sales Manager - Fitness
    Middletown, Rhode Island