The bootybarre teacher-training program is pre-choreograhped into segments that seamlessly flow together, ensuring the body is well balanced. Each segment is interchangable with on-going continuing education for bootybarre licensed instructors which takes the guesswork out of teaching and keeps the classes fresh, and innovative. Our mission is to build a huge family of the most qualified bootybarre instructors that share their wisdom and expertise around the world. We pride ourselves on being an international, fit family whose focus is to not only spread the word of health and wellness but also that fitness is FUN especially at the barre. The bootybarre PLUS and Flex & Flow Primary Instructor Training Modules 1 and 2 will give you a solid foundation on how to teach a barre class. We emphasize the importance of understanding proper biomechanics and how to cue a class safely with modifications for different levels. The bootybarre SCULPT-Advanced Instructor Training Modules 3 and 4 is your next step after completing your primary training to take your class to an even higher level. Why choose the bootybarre teacher training? Comprehensive instructor training and class options for different populations, Safety guidelines for injury prevention. Effective verbal and nonverbal cueing technique, Modifications for multi-level classes, Ongoing new choreography releases, Continuing education courses and manuals, No licensing or franchising fees, Marketing and branding materials for licensed instructors, International PR exposure, AFAA/PMA/ACE CEU’s