The CardioGym CG6 unit is unique in that it simultaneously combines strength and cardio training, with a virtual onscreen trainer who guides users through a series of challenging exercises. The result is a genuine total-body workout, one of the most complete total-body experiences available. Studies have shown that the CardioGym CG6 is six times more effective in burning calories than a treadmill or crosstrainer, enhancing weight loss and improving body composition and strength.
CARDIOGYM is a WORLD-FIRST in fitness technology in that it offers a genuine TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. The genius behind CardioGym is that it SIMULTANEOUSLY combines STRENGTH and CARDIO training, with an ONSCREEN VIRTUAL TRAINER taking you through challenging exercises and giving you the most complete total body workout available. Scientifically proven to burn 6x MORE BODYFAT than a treadmill and crosstrainer over the same time period, the results speak for themselves.

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  • Piggins Darren
    Piggins Darren

    General Manager
    Cardiogym Pty Ltd
    Wollongong, Australia