A single, easy-to-use management system for your entire club. Club Automation is an innovative online Club Management Solution that helps you streamline and automate a variety of both common and complex processes involved in running health and fitness facilities. Our fully integrated solution is scalable for small to large tennis, health and fitness facilities with one or multiple locations. Club Automation suite was designed from the ground up to help club operators reduce operating costs, grow revenues, and delight your members.

 HIGHTLIGHTS OF OUR AUTOMATED SYSTEM Online Scheduling & Registration, Online Access Member Management, Automated Billing, Point of Sale, Automated Payroll, Targeted Print & Email Marketing Reporting & Analytics. Club Automation seamlessly integrates all aspects of your facility in one easy-to-use system. Set it up once and let the system work for you.

THE CLUB AUTOMATION STORY Club Automation emerged out of the frustrations of Jeff VanDixhorn as an owner and operator of 6 large multi-functional tennis and fitness facilities in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. After using a variety of systems over his 15 years as an operator, he was not satisfied with the fact that more often than not, the systems he was using either did not fit the specifics of his facilities or took more time to set up and manage. As a result, the systems were only able to assist with a small cross-section of the operation while the rest of the operational needs continued to be filled with other solutions (manual, other systems, etc.). In 2007, finally after getting fed up with his own frustrations and the frustrations of his staff he decided to partner with Max and Serge Longin (operators of a Chicago-based custom to development company), to create a best-in-class Club Management solution – one that the operators, staff, and members could all love. After 2 years in development, the system launched for an extensive beta test in all 6 of the facilities and was polished for an additional year before going to market. Club Automation now powers all business, member management, scheduling, payroll, and other aspects of some of largest premier clubs in the United States. It takes an operator to envision and build a solution that can cover all critical aspects of running an athletic facility large or small. We took a no compromise position to building the Club Automation system – we use this stuff ourselves.