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Elyptol Inc.

Elyptol is a leading manufacturer of natural and organic hand sanitizers. Our formulation with Eucalyptus Oil is a powerful sanitizer that effectively kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and other common germs that can cause disease. Our active ingredient is ethanol alcohol from natural sources of sugar cane and corn denatured with pure Eucalyptus Oil. This allows our product to minimize the likelihood of allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and dry, cracked hands. Our products are formulated to both sanitize and moisturize.

Elyptol is registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and we are certified to sell into the healthcare industry.

Elyptol is a member of the World Health Organizations (WHO) collaborative hand hygiene program, and Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS).

Winning the NEXTY Award for Best New Natural Living Product at the Natural Products Expo East 2016 is a major achievement for Elyptol, highlighting the brand in this sector and its importance as a natural hand sanitizing product to consumers. 

To learn more and purchase products, please visit us at http://www.elyptol.com