The Exero™System is a unique exercise machine, it combines three essential elements of fitness into one machine. Cardiovascular, Resistance/Suspension, and Stretching/Lengthening.

The double-reduction pulley system allows for smooth linear resistance, no matter how much weight you put on, in a three-dimensional movement, at any speed. Giving the ability to create any type of a cardiovascular class. Adding spring gives the resistance a more progressive workout, the further you pull the handles away the more resistance.

You can work both left and right sides of the body individually, adding more resistance on one side while isolating the other side of the body with suspension work. The suspension lock gives you the option of locking at many different levels.

The Exero™System has the design capabilities of a Pilates machine, a Yoga, or a Tai Chi class. Appeals to any age, gender, and athletic ability as well as a client transitioning from rehabilitation. Used in a group setting or private training, its small footprint and sleek appearance will bring a diversified clientele to your facility.