Retention! Retention! Retention!Member retention remains the biggest challenge to the fitness industry and Face2Face is the one program above all others that has consistently proven to turn members into raving fans. With our systems, your team will deliver life changing advice and support that produces real, measurable and guaranteed results. Face2Face helps new members overcome all the hurdles and challenges of making fitness at your club a way of life. With minimal outlay you will reap the rewards of loyalty, respect and multiplying profits for years to come. Ask our clients what they say about the Face2Face approach to serving members and they will tell you it is the missing link in health and fitness club success and something you can feel extremely proud to offer your valued members. We provide turn-key systems, professionally produced education materials, powerful and intuitive software and on-site staff training second to none! Face2Face not only boost retention but is an amazing sales, referral and PT system also and brings out the best in all your team. Talk to us today and see if Face2Face is right for your health and fitness business.




  • Paul Brown

    Face2Face Retention Systems
    Salt Lake City, Utah