The Fit3D ProScanner is the first 3D Imaging Tool and assessment web platform that allows you to evaluate your clients' body shape changes as a result of your programs.The Fit3D ProScanner Imaging Device captures a full 3D Image of any of your clients, uploads that image to the Fit3D servers, extracts more than 450 circumference, length, height, volume, and surface area measurements, and finally stores this information into a secure database. Your users can then login to their www.fit3d.com accounts and see their 3D Images, measurements, and health risks as well as see the changes in their bodies with every subsequent image that they capture using the Fit3D ProScanner at your facility.This technology enables your users to see the progress that their body is going through as a result of your fitness and nutritional services, which helps them visualize their progress and stay with programs longer.

Web Site: www.fit3d.com