fle-xx – The spine conceptAfter many years of experience the causes of pain can´t be clearly localized. This was the main reason why fle-xx was designed as a circuit in which all large muscle groups can be trained in the length in a period of 14 minutes. What this means for customers is a very successful, easy to perform and time manageable training.Ffe-xx is not a brand new concept it is based on 20 years of experience and development. For now the circuit is comprehensive and it only requires a cautious change. Important is a concept for maximum success in a short time. This has been achieved with fle-xx.Meanwhile, the fle-xx spine concept is used successfully throughout the German fitness industry. Since October 2012 fle-xx has an overwhelming success on the market. More than 300 clubs are working with fle-xx and the customer feedback is stunning.

Web Site: www.fle-xx.com