For 65 years GOJO Industries has been the global leader in skin care products that improve health & well-being. We invented PURELL and the instant hand sanitizer category and create the most robust and reliable shower and soap dispensers. GOJO helps you exceed your member’s cleanliness expectations in areas they notice most—showers and the gym floor. This directly translates to greater member loyalty and spending on services at your club.GOJO has just introduced a line of botanically infused shampoo, body wash, and soap. This gives you the best of both worlds- an uplifting aromatherapy shower experience for every member- and a dramatically simplified maintenance routine.These invigorating botanical extract formulas contain natural moisturizes and jojoba that help keep skin and hair silky soft. Importantly, these products are EcoLogo™ certified to be respectful to our environment. GOJO product cartridges are Sanitary Sealed™ in our factory. This process ensures that the product cannot be exposed to bacteria, tampered with, or poured into other containers to be taken home. GOJO dispensers are guaranteed for life. GOJO systems feature high capacity foam refills, which last twice as long as similarly sized liquid refills. Less time dealing with broken dispensers and product filling translates to more time for other needs.
Web Site: www.gojo.com