HEX is the only tanning company that equips you with a strategy, a brand and an ongoing, productive partnership. Working with you and for you, we deliver: Increased non-dues revenue from existing members New profits from non-members Increased membership numbers With HEX, even before installation, youll know how to use tanning to stimulate membership participation, attract new members to your facility and earn profits you didnt know were possible. We also provide a tried and tested lotion program that enhances tanning by 40%, earns additional monies, and doesnt require special knowledge or training for your staff. And you wont need cumbersome lotion bottles. Call us and youll get a live person on the phone who can help with everything from planning what your systems will look like, to determining the most profitable price structure, to getting members and non-members to enroll in your tanning program. Besides vertical systems, beds, lamps and lotions, we can also provide you with guidance in advertising, promoting and marketing. We have been working within the fitness industry since 1979 and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you in developing the most profitable ancillary service you can have. Call your HEX Consultants at 1-800-556-3201

Web Site: www.itehex.com