Established in 1964, the company was a custom and contract manufacturer, that specialized in mechanical components and parts. The company was restructured thirty years later when Davide Can became President and Managing Director. In 1995 we entered the fitness industry designing and manufacturing home fitness equipment, and in December 2000 the Hydrorider brand and concept was created with a line of products for Aquafitness aiming at quality, design, low maintenance, safety and durability. Nowadays Hydrorider is recognized in the aquafitness industry as the leading company with two lines of products: the Professional and the Easy Line, and with a wide distribution network worldwide. Mission: To innovate the aquafitness and wellness world, and set a trend by increasing the range of equipment and training methods for all age groups and special populations, giving everybody the opportunity to keep fit and live in good health and wellness. Production: The Hydrorider equipment is designed and engineered directly in our technical department in cooperation with our suppliers that bring their expertise and knowledge directly to the project. Production is accomplished using the principles of quality and teamwork, and every lot is subjected to the most stringent quality control processes, both by our suppliers and by our company during the manufacturing process. During the first stage, our equipment is tested directly in the pool, and at a second stage we put them into practice and test them with heterogeneous groups during different training programs before launching them into the market. Training Programs: Training Programs are the link that connects the quality of our equipment to the satisfaction of the fitness and aquafitness fans. Our Master trainers create exercise programs and training classes for our clients in order to support them and grant the success of the activity. The training is always in continuous evolution, breeding new programs and trends. Vector of Differentiation: Hydroriding takes pride in customer satisfaction; thats why weve had very few complaints and/or returns of the equipment. We treat each consumer as family and go so far as to educate and train them using the hands on approach. We believe that a satisfied consumer is a happy consumer and to that end, we ensure that quality and training far exceed and outweigh customer expectations.