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Committed to the growth, protection, and promotion of the health and fitness industry, and the success of our members.


IHRSA’s mission is to grow, protect, and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with the benefits that will help them be more successful. IHRSA and its members (health clubs and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and industry suppliers) are dedicated to make the world healthier through regular exercise.


  • Valuable Industry Research

    The most successful health clubs in the world have one thing in common: they meticulously track performance metrics and compare them with those of their peers. IHRSA's research publications are the most authoritative reports on health club performance indicators, including revenue, retention, and member demographics. Members receive deep discounts on these essential resources.

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    Valuable Industry Research
  • Expert Educational Events

    Our education offerings are designed to fit many learning styles and levels of professional development, perfect for club operators and their staff. You can learn in person by attending event sessions and hands-on workshops at one of our many conferences.

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    Expert Educational Events
  • Actionable Webinars

    Whether you want to hone your fitness business knowledge or educate staff, IHRSA webinars are for you. Our monthly webinars (free for members!) are taught by industry experts and cover a range of topics, from personal training to member retention. Attendees will leave with actionable take-aways that can be implemented immediately.

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    Actionable Webinars
  • Industry-leading Advocacy

    IHRSA’s advocacy efforts protect clubs from harmful legislation, promote policies that foster industry growth, and position clubs as a solution to the obesity epidemic. Our advocacy team has a near flawless record of defeating harmful legislation and short-sighted tax proposals. We work with federal and state lobbyists to protect membership contracts, preserve personal trainer certification requirements, ensure reasonable AED mandates, and stand up for other key issues so that health club businesses can thrive.

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    Industry-leading Advocacy
  • Impactful Networking

    Health club operators understand the importance of building a community in their clubs, and IHRSA members recognize the benefits of a building similar community among industry leaders. Lifelong relationships are born through IHRSA referrals and events when members connect with their peers in an environment that encourages education through communication.

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    Impactful Networking
  • Tailor-made Publications

    As a busy club operator, it can be difficult to stay on top of trends and best practices. That’s where we come in. IHRSA’s library of e-books, toolkits, and online articles serve as the one-stop source for industry news and insights. Covering everything from member retention to wellness programming, these resources are tailor-made for the club operator on the go.

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    Tailor-made Publications

  • IHRSA Membership Brochure

    For more than 35 years, IHRSA has been the leading provider of information that is essential to the success of the health and fitness industry. IHRSA member benefits are developed to grow, promote, and protect the industry and connect the health club community worldwide. More »

    IHRSA Membership Brochure
  • IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio Phenomenon

    Learn how to maximize club revenue by leveraging the growth of the studio segment. Boutique studios—offering everything from cycling, yoga, Pilates, and personal training, to boxing, CrossFit, and functional training—now constitute 42% of the U.S. club market, according to a CBS News report. That’s double what it was in 2014. There are a number of reasons boutique fitness studios are hot right now—they’re social, they’re trendy, and they help members achieve fast results. The rapid growth of boutiques has changed the landscape of the fitness industry, causing concern among health club owners and operators.... More »

    IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio P...
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