Instinctive Insights

Marketing on Purpose.

Instinctive Insights

Instinctive Insights is a full-service, data-driven marketing company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with employees in Cincinnati and Atlanta. Our purpose is to truly help Fitness Club Clients—both big and small—be more successful in acquiring and retaining members— improving acquisition rates and lowering acquisition costs.

In doing so, we empower our clients to allocate more time and funds toward providing an exceptional club experience. Great marketing is about truly making clients better off by understanding and satisfying their most important business needs. It is about providing real, measurable value.

Instinctive Insights' 15 years of data-driven marketing experience - eight of which are specific to Fitness, Health and Country Clubs - empower clients to make informed decisions on when and where to increase, decrease or maintain marketing investments, by persona, channel and tactic.

The first step to achieving sound data-driven marketing is establishing a “marketing database”---a repository that merges club-provided data with Instinctive Insights’ rich collection of demographic and psychographic elements for all potential target households in a geographical territory. This marketing database tracks every engagement with a household, and using predictive models, guides our clients toward making sound marketing investments with predictable returns.

As one of our clients said, "If a Club is looking to save money, get better ROI, and find more members, I just haven’t found anything better than Instinctive Insights. I’m looking at vendors all the time and there hasn’t been a better solution in terms of a targeted means of marketing."

Our process recommends different creative, messaging, and channel tactics based on client-custom persona-scoring techniques. By applying tiered models, appropriate marketing efforts are deployed to prospects or members most likely to elicit a desired behavior---whether that be acquisition, retention, or a membership upgrade. The approach is highly statistical, yet we structure insights and reports so they are easily understood and leveraged.

We are experts in predictive modeling, data acquisition, handling and manipulation, direct mail, email nurturing, B2C, B2B, print and digital design, website development, landing pages, and pay-per-click marketing.