You focus on your members’ goals – we’ll focus on yours.Clubs of all sizes grow revenue, retain memberships and reduce costs with club management software and solutions from Jonas Fitness. Our solutions support all aspects of your club’s operations to ensure maximum revenue recognition through the combined power of our software solution and the accuracy of our billing processes.

Reasons our clients choose Jonas Fitness:

1. The most comprehensive, user-friendly club management software in the industry.

2. Most effective EFT processing – higher authorization rates than standard bank processing and dedicated support staff.

3. Collect more money – higher collection rates through more accurate billing and expert member services staff.

4. Faster funding -- We don’t hold your money or charge you to get your money early like some billing companies.

5. Unparalleled security – PCI compliant with fully expandable architecture.

6. Over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry; our products and services are delivered and supported by a dedicated team of industry experts.Call us today for a demo!


  • Compete

    To manage your business more effectively, Compete includes an innovative electronic agreements management feature that supports multiple contracts and multiple forms of payment for each member of your club.

    In addition, Compete is designed with a scalable technical architecture that accommodates future growth and expansion to help minimize future software expenses and maximize your return on investment.

    More Information » jonasfitness.com/compete.html

  • i4

    Choosing a club management solution that meets your business needs can seem daunting. Even if you operate multiple clubs in multiple geographies, you should be able to find a solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of each club yet provide standardized functionality across locations.

    Jonas Fitness can make your decision an easier one! If you want to share data between multiple sites, or if you want to provide services such as “My Account” to your members, we recommend i4.

    More Information » jonasfitness.com/i4.html

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