Why Sore+Tired
Sore+Tired is dedicated to everyday people who want to stay active and perform at their best, whether in the gym, on the court, links or track.
We recognize that aches and pains are a normal part of being an adult athlete, and provide products to help keep you in the game by supplying the support you need, directly to the muscles that need it most.
We’re not about bulging veins or raging ‘roids. There’s nothing in our ingredients that won’t pass a pee test, or that you have to keep a secret from your kids, golf buddies or spinning class.
We don’t claim to have miracle cures and we steer clear of sketchy doctors and slick “expert” spokespersons.
We make products based on natural ingredients with proven effects that help active people who challenge their bodies and push their limits.
So whether you’re a weekend warrior, aging jock or sunrise gym rat, a lifelong athlete or someone who just caught the bug, we want to be the edge you need to accomplish whatever’s next.

About Sore+Tired
When muscles are hungry for magnesium they feel weak.
They lack energy and the ability to bounce back from stress.
That’s because magnesium plays a central role both in creating the fuel your muscles need to for energy, and in the processes that repair muscle tissue and help it grow.
The problem is that as we get older our bodies become less effective at getting magnesium from our food to our muscles.

Some of the most commonly used prescription and OTC drugs keep your body from absorbing magnesium and others flush it from your system before it reaches your legs, back and arms. The World Health Organization estimates that three-in-four Americans suffer from low magnesium and most never know it.
Our answer is to apply the magnesium directly to the skin

This lets you target the muscles you work most, whether in the gym or on the job. People have been doing this by bathing in magnesium salts or applying magnesium rubs to their skin for thousands of years. The problem is that few of us have the time or place to soak in a tub and, whether as a bath or rub, magnesium salts can leave a sticky residue that is uncomfortable and may stain your clothing.
Sore+Tired Blue has been custom formulated by cosmetic industry experts so it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. The hydrogel formulation contains the two most commonly used magnesium salts for muscle pain and recovery – magnesium sulfate such as is found in Epsom Salts, and magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein Sea beds.
It also contains aloe vera gel, pro-Vitamin B-5 and rosemary oil, all known for their soothing and healing effects.
When age, diet or other reasons make it harder to stay strong and recover from exercise do what we do.

Apply Sore+Tired to major muscle areas either before working out or after a warm shower. If low magnesium is the issue, you’ll start to see effects within your first few applications. If not, send it back and we’ll refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.



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