We had a great time meeting all of you at IHRSA. If you missed the Nexersys team, we are standing by to help you put the FUN back into Fitness.Nexersys provides an iNTERACTIVE and iNTELLIGENT full body workout including fast 4-minute Training & Competition rounds.Contact us today to to learn about our NEW 1.5 Software Upgrade: New Attract & Engage Mode to Get Users on Machine FastNew On-Machine Storage of up to 200 unique user profiles and workout historiesNew administrative controls giving facilities an easy way to monetize Nexersys usageNexersys is leading a fitness revolution by pioneering the expanding “Exergaming” market with the intelligent and interactive Nexersys. Combining the latest in exercise equipment and interactive gaming, Nexersys is a professional-grade multimedia fitness product that delivers the motivation of a personal trainer, the benefits of a mixed martial arts high-intensity interval training workout, and the entertainment and feedback available from today’s gaming and computer technology.Based on High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training, Nexersys rounds include cardio, core and strike training. Rounds include a 30-second instruction and warm up, 3-minutes of intense exercise, and a 30-second cool down and performance recap, giving a full-body workout to maximize members’ results.Nexersys Rounds Include Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Training In: Technique, Gaming, Striking, Cardio and CoreExample Exercises Include:Cardio – High knees, squat-punch combos, burpee combos and moreCore – Plank holds+elbow strikes, crunch punch combos, v-ups and moreStriking – Full range of punches and kicksAvatar- Test sparring skill or enjoy ‘Follow Me’ game play

Web Site: www.nexersys.com