OLC (Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative)

Architecture - Interior Design - Aquatic Design

OLC (Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative)


OLC (Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative) is a forward-thinking, full-service architectural, interior design and aquatic design firm. Started in Denver in 1961, we also have offices in Orlando, Tokyo and Cairo. We have a broad and deep portfolio of local, national and international projects. Our experience and areas of practice include: athletic, fitness, recreation, wellness, hospitality, resort, aquatic, healthcare, wellness, education, commercial and retail.

WE BELIEVE DESIGN MATTERS. Our design process is enriched by a client-centered attitude, a commitment to creativity and a collaborative spirit. We believe each project is unique and requires a thorough understanding of its parameters. We don’t often use cookie-cutters, but when we do, it’s for cookies, not buildings.

WE DESIGN BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS THAT WORK. We partner clients’ business goals and strategic insights with our aesthetic vision, deep experience, and problem-solving skills to create superior outcomes. Value-conscious, client-centered, custom-fitted design is a strategic investment for every owner. We apply principles of smart design to honor that investment and to produce measurable returns. We use BIM and provide LEED services.

WE DESIGN ON ALL CYLINDERS. Our experienced, dedicated and talented staff coordinate with clients, associated design and consulting firms, contractors and internally to provide superior, speed-to-market results. We listen carefully; communicate early and often; deliver quick turnarounds; and address issues head-on. Our focus is to drive the project through the straightest course possible, get to the finish line and to have all involved in the project be proud of their success.

Find out more at www.olcdesigns.com or call us at 303.294.9244.