Bill Parisi, Founder of Parisi Speed School and Parisi Training Systems, has been boosting the self-esteem and confidence of young athletes for 25-plus years by helping them develop successful techniques to improve speed and agility. Our proven Parisi Youth Training System has made us the leader in safe, youth sport performance training and has been used by over 600,000 athletes and 130 NFL Draft picks over the last quarter of a century. In 2005, Bill started franchising the Parisi Speed School and his proven methodology. Since that time, the network has grown to over 95 locations in 30 states, as well as several locations internationally. Whether you are a health club trying to gain a new revenue stream or someone looking to start their own stand-alone business, you can grab your share of this ever-growing market by taking a few minutes to learn about us and our new low-cost license by visiting www.parisischool.com/businessopportunity



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