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The Real Runner™ + The Real Torque™ | Core Stability, Acceleration, Speed, Strength, Range of Motion, Athletic Base, Power


  • The Real Runner

    • The only high-intensity interval performance trainer that uses isokinetic resistance in both the extension and flexion of the hip and knee joints while​ also promoting dorsiflexion of the ankle. 
    • Stimulates + strengthens the core while activating the hip flexors
    • Simulates actual running/sprinting stance
    • Puts users in "Line of Attack" position that helped Usain Bolt win the Olympics -- https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd8HmyanfKG/?taken-by=realfitequip

    More Information » therealrunner.com/products/the-real-runner

    The Real Runner
  • The Real Torque

    • Develops athletic base, core stability, and power through an upper body push/pull motion providing resistance during both flexion and extension.
    • Trains lower body stabilizer muscles and upper body explosion simultaneously
    • Perfect for strength training, short burst cardio sessions, and sport specific work 

    More Information » therealrunner.com/products/the-real-torque

    The Real Torque
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