Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of scales, setting a high standard in health weighing equipment. The new Competitor Series body composition analyzers (BCA) are a prime example of progressive technology in the health/medical world. Complete with rich features, these standalone scales provide in-depth body composition data either by full body, upper body, or lower body analysis. Rice Lake sets a high standard in medical weighing equipment. Now hospitals, clinics and health clubs can have proven scale technology and quick return on investment—plus Rice Lake’s legendary service and support.


  • BC300 Body Composition Analyzer

    The BC300 is a multi-frequency, whole body and segmental Body Composition Analyzer that utilizes innovative BIA technology to ensure accurate and precise results. This cutting edge technology utilizes harmless, low-level frequencies to offer quick and easy total body composition assessments through the LCD touch screen, printouts and client tracking software.

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    BC300 Body Composition Analyzer