Body Composition Analyzers


ACCUNIQ is a global supplier of the body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitoring systems known for accuracy and durability.

The company has a long well-earned reputation for excellence in quality and innovation.
The line includes our new BC-380 Body Composition Analyzer as well as BC-720 high-end model to health and fitness providers that help improve the diagnostic evaluation and treatment plans.

ACCUNIQ BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute. ACCUNIQ's precise measurement technology, which shows a high correlation with DEXA equipment (Lean body mass R=0.983), analyzes body composition and monitors body fat and muscle changes.
Easy to use with on-screen step by step instructions and provided body composition management program on PC. Call 1-844-768-0815 or E-mail sales@accuniqusa.com for more information.




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