The first ever robot for martial arts.


BotBoxer – a first ever robot for martial arts.

BotBoxer can feel velocity and direction of your every shot. It can see and track your moves to spot any hook or jab from you. It will react to move away from your fist and escape the oncoming punch with a velocity unattainable even for a pro.

Start with drills to advance your technique. Choose an existing workout with punching combinations you want to improve. Jab! Jab – Hook! BotBoxer will be the coach looking out for mistakes and providing detailed statistics to keep you motivated.

Move on to free training. Now you tailor BotBoxer's behavior to your level and goals. Adjust parameters like motion or reaction to make a perfect sparring partner for you. Stay light on your feet to keep up with the moving target and work on your strategy and style. No other tools in the gym can help you train punching power and speed all at once!

Now you’re ready! Go and fight. Set the level and prepare for countdown… Now your opponent has gotten human qualities and it’s endurance can run out, so bring on the offense.

You win! You’ve sent BotBoxer into knockout!

BotBoxer. Your trainer. Your partner. Your opponent.  

Web Site: botboxer.com