Soul Body

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Soul Body

Soul Body trains instructors in one of the most progressive, cutting-edge, athletic-style barre programs on the market, then take it one step further, offering quarterly choreography. Classes stay fresh, members always know what to except, and instructors hit the ground running. The comprehensive training focuses on our seamless flow that is set to dynamic music as well as precise cuing and proper modifications. It creates a win-win situation for both clubs and teachers alike because consistency is the KEY! This "boutique-style" BARRE class is keeping them ahead of the curve!

With continuing education (choreographed classes released every 3 months) and creative development of new programming, our Soul Body Squad is always on target and coming back for more! We DO NOT charge licensing fees to clubs yet we promote our family of clubs via Soul Body's website and social media channels. Our goal is to build an empowered community that includes our SQUAD and clubs alike. Join SoulBody as we inspire through movement and experience the sheer fun and power of BARRE!! #soulbodybarre