SpeedFit announces the Speedboard series of non-motorized treadmills, a new generation of treadmills that provides an unparalleled running experience. This is the Planet's finest quality motor-less treadmill ever produced that allows people to walk, jog, run, and sprint without making any adjustments to the treadmill other than shifting your center of gravity forward and backwards. Step on the Speedboard and the gravity of your own body will bring it to life. Begin walking, step up further and begin running, step up even farther and you'll start to sprint, step backwards and the Speedboard will stop. The Speedboard’s innovative engineering gives you a completely natural running experience - it’s the only treadmill that gives you the same control as leaving your front door - you dictate your pace not a machine! The result is much like running outside - and isn't that the point of it all?There's nothing like it - it's unique!

Web Site: www.speedfit.com