Suples Ltd. is the manufacturer of the original and authentic Bulgarian Bag, Gladiator Wall, H.I.R.T.S (High Intensity Rope Training System), Suples Throwing Dummy's and Suples Fit Ball. All of the tools were created for training Olympic and high caliber athletes. Lead by the Bulgarian Bag Suples Ltd. quickly attracted many personal trainers and fitness enthusiast in the USA and all around the world.All five of the Suples Training Systems were created for functional training that is not only safe but also effective. The key of our success is the educational training process. Which we provide with the best world class instructors. The simplicity and diversity of the Suples tools are what sets us apart. The challenges in training is what makes the Suples workouts fun.Suples Ltd. is a family owned company lead by the creator World Class Wrestling Coach and former Olympic athlete Ivan Ivanov.We take our products and services seriously, it's for this reason we offer a hassle-free "No BS" policy with all of our products. Choose Suples and let us earn your trust.-Team Suples

Web Site: suples.com