VFP was founded in 1999 and has grown to service 14 countries and over 1600 health clubs. Our company came into existence driven by the desire to improve overall sales processes, and increase revenue for health club communities. Sales technology VFP pioneered and implemented included:

• Internal Sales Evaluations of Current Practices
• Avatars for Virtual Body Reference to Help the Consumers see Their Personal Transformation Image
• Customized Sales Platforms
• Sales Coaches whom are Integral for Maximum Revenue Growth
• Consistency through the Sales Process- from Point of Sale to Personal Training Orientations
• Actual Health Age and Health Risk Calculated During Sales Presentations

VFP has a long history of partnering with clubs to evaluate, modify, and deliver the best sales systems in the industry. Our systems increase sales, developing a positive effect on employee morale and retention.

VFPs’ sales engine creates an automated system for continued success. The sales system is simple to navigate and motivating to staff and consumer. Our system provides a professional price presentation tool revolutionizing the way health clubs track sales. Our technology is always evolving due to the expertise that only VFP has; with 150 years of combined health club experience, we provide the ultimate sales engine.


  • Visual Fitness Planner

    What we do
    VFP creates customized sales systems that enable health clubs to identify, modify, and adapt sales processes utilizing our exclusive sales analytics dashboard. Our system is all inclusive providing your customers and fitness team to communicate in real time - anytime!

    How we do it
    First we evaluate your current manual sales systems, make suggested modifications, then merge our technology with your newly modified system. VFP utilizes sales analytics to not only increase sales, but predict future trends and empower your business.

    The end result
    This new system assesses interactions throughout the entire sales process, and provides immediate feedback based on your clubs’ critical KPIs. VFPs’ technology ensures your revenue constantly reaches its’ maximum potential.


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    Visual Fitness Planner
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