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  • Matrix IC7 powered by ICG
    Matrix Fitness

    Coach by Color

    Making fitness more colorful, powerful and original.

    Matrix IC7 powered by ICG
  • Connexus Free
    Matrix Fitness

    Connexus: Where it all comes together

    A good fit. High function. Member engagement. And where it all comes together is Connexus.

    Connexus Free
  • In-Trinity Board
    Matrix Fitness

    In-Trinity Programming

    Programming that develops strength, balance and flexibility.

    In-Trinity Board
  • T7xi Treadmill
    Matrix Fitness

    7xi: Better Brought to Life

    The 7xi changes the way you connect and communicate with your members. It revolutionizes the way you manage your equipment, your facility and your data.

    T7xi Treadmill
  • BodyFLy
    BodyFly Fitness Inc

    At BodyFly Fitness Inc we designed a portable strength training machine that is easy to use, builds muscle and confidence while putting time back in your schedule so you can get back to doing the things you love.

    BodyFly Fitness  Inc


  • Matrix Fitness

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