Ash Craig

Ash Craig

Principal, Lead Developer
FirmPOS Software
Peoria Arizona
Timezone: America/Dawson_Creek

Hi, I'm Ash and I have been writing FirmPOS Software for over 20 years now. The goal has always been to create with a strong focus on end user experience and ease of use. FirmPOS is my life's work. It's my joy to code this software and while it will always be a work in progress, this business is all I think about.

My team and I spend on average around 100 hours a week writing code for this platform. I work every single day.

Many years ago, the software was born when a close friend asked if I'd write something to help him collect the gym dues people were not paying him. It seemed that no one wanted to actually pay to use the gym and the 'honor' system was quickly bankrupting him.

Sure, I can do that. I'll just write something that does simple monthly billing. FirmPOS Software was born that day as a humble favor for a friend.

Today, FirmPOS Software is a leading club management and guest services platform that is used worldwide. With a strong focus on interface design and ease of use, FirmPOS is a 20 year brand that is recognized as an industry leader.

Some of our most popular features include credit card account auto updater, an open API, completely open source codebase, 24/7 door access control, point of sale, high capacity recurring billing, flat rate billing (no matter how many locations you have) and much more.

Our "Black Label" offering gives franchisers a deeply branded, private labeled solution that looks/feels like it was built just for them. Offering 100% transparency, this powerful club management platform is served from their private AWS server, is Open Source with a completely Open API. Featuring full access to integrate 3rd party providers, create custom apps for websites, iOS/Android devices and more. Best of all, “Black Label" offers franchisers built-in profit channels and a low cost of ownership.  

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