The AI powered member retention tool


We choose this mission because it is the biggest challenge in the industry and it’s not going away. Our purpose is to help businesses retain more members with ease and accuracy.

An AI-powered membership retention tool, Keepme, will identify your members at risk of leaving as well as equip you with a suite of tools to take action. Designed specifically for the health and fitness industry, the tool will provide a fresh approach to member retention strategies.

World class member retention isn't delivered just through tech solutions. It involves expert knowledge of workflows and best practices plus a willingness to embrace other disciplines such as Behavioural Science. Our team wishes to be considered thought leaders and prides itself on being aware of the latest developments and ideas whether in the academic or commercial world. This ensures we are constantly refining and enhancing our product offerings and delivering our expertise to the industry we choose to serve. 


  • Customer Retention in the Fitness Industry: It Matters

    So, you’ve got the fitness company of your dreams. You’ve pushed through hours of conceptualising your brand and business model, creating the best facilities, hiring the best employees. You’ve even been successful at getting customers in the door. All the hard work is over now, right?

    Wrong. The key to real, sustained success in the fitness industry is not member attraction, but member retention. This article will explore why this is the case, why it’s not necessarily easy to achieve a healthy membership retention rate, and why you should make improving membership retention a top priority, starting right now.

    The importance of retention
    You probably don’t need to look at your bank book to know that a strong membership base is really important for any health and fitness business. However, if you do, you’re likely to see that membership fees account for around 80% of overall revenue, as Helen Watts discovere...
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