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KidCheck is a secure children's check-in system that helps reduce risk and liability by improving child safety. Increase efficiency and save time and money with features like Check-In Passes, pre-paid childcare billing options you design, and Time Limits, which alerts parents when their paid childcare time is up. KidCheck helps create a great member experience which increases retention and drives membership.  

Reduce Liability

  • Increase child security
  • Ensure only authorized guardians can check kids out
  • Track allergy and medical alerts
  • Quickly know where parents are located

Positive Parent Experience

Efficient Management

  • Check-In Passes prepaid childcare options
  • Time limits easily track and limit time
  • Comprehensive reporting, understand ratios, manage trends
  • Integration with leading management solutions

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  • KidCheck Business and Business Unlimited

    KidCheck Business and Business Unlimited Editions include all available check-in features and are tailored to meet your club's individual needs all in one monthly price. Everything you need in one package with phone training and support included. Options to bundle hardware and labels in monthly price are available. Business Unlimited includes unlimited check-in licenses per location.

    More Information » www.kidcheck.com/features-pricing/compare-editions

  • Express Check-In

    With KidCheck Express Check-In, parents check children in to the kids' area right from their smartphone. Fast and easy. Reduce lines, improve efficiency, increase parent satisfaction. Through the KidCheck App parents start check-in from their mobile device at home, in the car, the parking lot... wherever it's most convenient. Upon arrival they simply submit and complete check-in. 

    More Information » www.kidcheck.com/feature/express-check-in

  • Check-In Passes

    Fast, easy, flexible childcare payment options. Members can purchase childcare based on your available options – by the number of check-ins, hourly, day, week, monthly – as either a one-time pass or auto recurring. You control and decide what type of pass(es) you want to offer, any limits or restrictions, pricing and renewal options. However you want to manage it.

    More Information » www.kidcheck.com/feature/check-in-passes


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    According to Ready.gov, the first 72 hours after a disaster are the most critical. Whether you’re required to shelter in place with children or youth or offsite at an event, having an emergency survival kit for your organization is essential to protecting those in your care. For offsite events, have a portable version of the ... The post Building An Emergency Survival Kit appeared first on KidCheck.
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  • Check-In Surveys – The Data You Need September 23, 2020 2:00am

    Knowledge is power, and a key benefit of using KidCheck secure children’s check-in, is the ongoing accessibility and customization child and youth-focused organizations have with their data. Our goal is to help you make decisions more quickly by receiving key information from returning families and visitors. As we continue to offer tools and technologies that increase ... The post Check-In Surveys – The Data You Need appeared first on KidCheck.
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