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Newave - Whole-Body EMS in just 2x20 minutes training per week

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Build your EMS business with the established and award-winning full-body EMS device that is used daily by more than thousand studios around the world. One of the best selling EMS device in the world, the Newave is the perfect solution for wired one-on-one personal trainings and building your EMS studio from the ground up.
From its development to its manufacturing process Newave USA was certified to fit the needs of fitness professionals in the United States to help clients with the conditioning of healthy muscles.
With its elegant design, multiple built-in strength and cardio training programs, easy to learn touch screen and carefully engineered features, Newave represents wired full-body EMS training at its best.


  • Newave

    Built from the highest quality materials, designed to bring out all the advantages of wired full-body EMS technology. XBody Newave was the first EMS device that combined beauty, ergonomy and efficiency to lead the way in the wired EMS market and its worldwide success stands as the proof of its excellence.
    Over the years Newave has been proven to be one of the most popular EMS devices in the world and it’s currently used daily in more than a 2000+ studios worldwide. It’s modern design, easy to use touchscreen, upto-date training software and continual function updates make sure Newave is here to stay for the years to come.
    Newave USA has been certified to fit all the necessary effectivess and safety standards of the United States, so it can be a trusted, reliable choice for fitness professionals around the country to help clients with the conditioning of healthy muscles.


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